An indispensable tool for every NDT Tech

PocketNDT is the perfect companion for the NDT (non-destructive testing) technician. The application includes useful, everyday tools and resources like:

  • Instant calculations for X-ray, eddy current & shear wave inspection
  • Acoustic & magnetic material properties chart
  • Interactive shear wave inspection screens
  • Easy-to-navigate nominal pipe survey values
  • Bolt torque values
  • In depth and searchable glossary of terms
  • Transition easily between Metric or US measurements

Easy calculations

  • The app holds indispensable calculators for every field. With easy to read inputs and many pre programmed API material specifications.
  • Find the standard depth of penetration and field phase lag quickly and easily with the Eddy Current calculator
  • Have questions about your UT set up when working with an unusual material answered immediately including Wavelength, Beam Spread, Near Field, and Acoustic impedance.
  • Calculate important X-ray exposure times and distances on the fly, including film density, attenuation, and defect depth calculations

Simplifies complexity

  • PocketNDT takes complex ideas and simplifies them into easy interactive screens.
  • Helping the user look into the metal and follow the ultrasonic soundwave from his probe to the defect.
  • Quickly double check your own calculations and weld distances.

Master of materials

  • PocketNDT is loaded with material reference guides for quick research into uncommon materials. Perfect for any technician in the field who has to switch calibrations quickly.
  • For UT look up the longitudinal and shear wave velocities as well as acoustic impedance of most metals, polymers, composite materials, and even liquids and gases.
  • For Eddy Current look up the conductivity and resistivity properties of a long list of metals separated by type and grade

Nominal pipe survey, bolt torque

  • Also included a easy to navigate nominal pipe survey with schedules 5, 10/10S, 30, STD/40/40S and XS/80/80S
  • Plus a Bolt Torque values chart with proof load, clamp load, tightening waxed, and torque values